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Answers to the most common questions about mudra inspire
How does Mudra work?
What can I develop with the Mudra platform?
Which operating systems is Mudra compatible with?
How does Mudra connect to a smartphone?
Does Mudra work if my smartphone screen is off?
Which consumer applications does Mudra offer?
Do you provide a development kit?
Which developer's applications does Mudra offer?
How do I put on Mudra on?
What gestures does the Mudra Inspire recognize?
Can I customize a gesture with a function?
Can I create my own gestures with Mudra?
Can I record Mudra SNC Signals?
Can I combine Mudra raw data with the IMU data?
Does Mudra store my gesture data?
How do I turn Mudra on and off?
Which hand does Mudra work with?
Can I connect more than one Mudra device and work with both hands?
Can I pair one Mudra to multiple devices at the same time?
What is the Bluetooth name of my Mudra?
Will there be application and/or firmware updates available through the app?
Is there a recommended care and cleaning routine for Mudra?