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Gesture Recognition.

Mudra Inspire is a wrist-worn wearable, which detects subtle finger movements and gestures.

Your hand is the best interface ever invented.

With Mudra, you can build real-life interaction games and apps for future devices - which will change the world as you know it.


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A New Digital Experience

Multiple Devices
You can develop with Mudra for AR/VR headset, smartphone, smartwatch, TV, Laptop, and develop your own device.
Build Your Dream
Mudra API & SDK documentation empower you to develop your own game, application, interface and hardware device.
Real Life Natural Interaction
With Mudra your fingers are free to touch, hold, navigate, move, zoom and operate devices, regardless of FOV limitations.
Gradational Pressure
A world novelty, the Mudra device detects the gradational pressure levels you apply on physical objects or between fingers.
Subtle Finger Movements
Reach out and touch! Mudra detects subtle individual finger movements, and the soft tap of fingers on each other.
Cutting Edge Technology
Mudra patented SNC sensor taps into your brain commands to the nervous system, with advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

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